About Us

Who are these Rebels?

The Rebels with a Cause team came to life over a festive beverage one day when two pals started to daydream about how they might make work seem less like…well, work. They talked about all of the things that they were passionate about and what they would want in their “dream job.” These things included helping others, being outdoors more, promoting something that made people happy and healthy, only working with cheerful, optimistic, and caring colleagues, and having fun and laughing a lot, like, all the time.

Oh, and office Happy Hours on Fridays. That was key.

And Rebels with a Cause Events was born.

With decades of marketing, event planning, and social media experience both here and overseas behind us, the Rebels partnership was formed on those principles. Rebels is an event planning company that organizes races and other fun health-promoting events across the Midwest. Each event benefits a small local charity that may not have a voice in the overcrowded landscape of philanthropies vying for attention. We also try to make sure we select organizations that use almost all of the contributions to benefit the people, animals, or programs they promise to help.


Have a local charity or location that you think would be right for Rebels? Contact us at info@rebelswithacauseevents.com

Our Team:
Rita Pecilunas
Michelle Ashley